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Mortgage advice for expats
What’s your budget to buy a Dutch house?

The first step is to determine your budget and explore your Dutch mortgage options. What is the maximum mortgage you can borrow? How much do you want to spend on a property? It’s important to keep your house affordable so you can still enjoy life.

You can calculate your mortgage with our expats mortgage calculator for a rough indication. For a personal mortgage and a tailored financial advice you can make a free appointment with one of our mortgage advisors. After this appointment you’ll have a clear overview of your maximum Dutch mortgage and your monthly costs. So you’ll know in which price-range to look for a house and avoid buying a home that you can’t afford.

Calculate your
maximum mortgage

With our Expats Mortgage Calculator you can calculate your Maximum Dutch Mortgage. We have provided a free and user-friendly Dutch Mortgage Calculator tool. This allows you to quickly calculate the maximum mortgage for which you are eligible in the Netherlands.