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Buying a house in the Netherlands is a difficult process and you need to consider a whole range of aspects. Home Financials is specialized in mortgages for expats and we personally guide you through the entire buying process of your house. Our certified mortgage advisors are independent and compare all the mortgages from most banks and insurers active on the Dutch market. We help you to find the perfect tailor made dutch mortgage against the best possible rates.
I’m an expat!

As an expat, moving to the Netherlands is not just about changing your living situation.
You will have to adapt to a different culture, mentality, language, new landscape,
eating habits and so on.

Many happy expats have experienced how we advise independently and guide you
through the entire mortgage process.

We make sure you feel at home!

How to buy a house in the Netherland, step by step.

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Free orientation consult
Figure out what your options are and let us inform you about the steps to become a home owner. The consult is in English and you receive a free orientation calculation. We explain the relevant Dutch regulations and legislation.
Why expats choose for Home Financials?


As an expat, moving to the Netherlands is not just about changing your living situation. You will have to adapt to a different culture, mentality, language, new landscape, eating habits and so on.

Many happy expats have experienced how we advise independently and guide you through the entire mortgage process.

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As an expat from France, buying a home in The Netherlands seemed at first sight like an overcomplicated project that only natives could perform, especially in this booming market with high demand. But I was wrong. Thanks to the advisers help, this challenging project has been achieved and owning an apartment in Rotterdam is now a reality for me. She has always been very reactive to answer my questions and wonders. She has been very professional by always making sure that the process and conditions were well understood by myself. I've really appreciated her positive mindset which made interactions and communication very pleasant. I definitely recommend Home Financials to all persons willing to purchase their first home here in the Netherlands



Very positive experience! Home Financials have a great and professional financial advisor, who helped us every step of the way with buying a house in Rotterdam as an expat. She took special care and time to explain all details in English and led us through the process of getting a mortgage in the Netherlands. She works extremely efficiently, responds immediately to calls and emails and is always ready to answer all the additional questions. She gave us good guidance but also freedom to decide about details of the mortgage. We are very happy with this experience and can recommend her services with confidence.

Damien en Isabella


Home Financials is very responsible and knowledgeable. The advisor is flexible with making appointments, very helpful and patience to explain me the whole mortgage process. I have a very smooth and satisfied experience from Home financials. Highly recommended!!



"Thanks to Home Financials" Excellent service from state to finish. The service we received was excellent. Any question we had was answered and explained to us properly in a professional way. She was so flexible and accessible at anytime. She was also well organized and never missed any details even the most smallest ones. Almost the only thing we did was signing the contracts 🙂 Our application was approved very quickly and it was the easiest part of the whole process. As an expat, it was also quite efficient to work. She can speak fluently English and very good at explaining the details of the contract. I would strongly recommend her services for anyone who is looking for an excellent mortgage advice.

Gozde & Inan


We moved to the Netherlands just 5 months ago. We luckily found Sema in our early times. She has done a great job on understanding our demands and finding solution. It was so hard to get a mortgage in our situation because we were in the Netherlands only for 5 months. She researched all the banks and find a good lender for our personal situation. It was a great pleasure to work with Home Financials.

Merve & Cagdas


We are very happy with the advisors work from Home Finacials. She worked hard to help us get the mortgage accepted like an expat. She was one step ahead and took all the necessary actions to make it happen , even though it was a difficult sitiation. Very proffesional, she helped us with the translation of the documents, to make sure that we understand all the important information. She was always reachable through phone/email. Thank you Sema! 🙂

Maria & Dionysios


Professional, pro-active, fast-responding and fast-reacting. Home Financials helps us out through the whole process of mortgage application, solving all problems popped out unexpectedly. Felt quite assured in cooperation with her, a reliable advisor for expats

Andy & Yuen

as-2_Tekengebied 1

Best mortgage advisor in town! She is a professional who gives feeling that you are in the correct place. She calculates everything in advance, guides you through your mortgage process, gives you advice for your personal situation, guides you with your home insurances. I am very glad that I had chance to work with her. Above all this, she is a great warmhearted person who owns her job, has a nice humor and a nice vibe. I strongly recommend her!

Cigdem O.

Naamloos-2_Tekengebied 1

Navigating the Dutch financial landscape can be challenging for someone from another country, but with Home Financials help we secured a mortgage for our first home and saved quite a few headaches.! Ana O.

Ana O.

adsfos-2_Tekengebied 1

She is very helpful and also explain every detail patiently. She helps every step till the beginning to the end and finally we got our mortgage with her afford. we are really appreciated for her service and It is good for us to communicate in Dutch,English and Turkish. Certainly we advice her!

Didem & Mert

regeg-2_Tekengebied 1

She is very reliable and highly experienced professional person. Since we are non-Dutch buyer, our situation is different and she explained all possibilities and requirements to get mortgage. She knows the whole process with every detail so that we got our first mortgage in two days! We will definitely come back to you again for our second mortgage!

Ahmed & Aylin



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