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Costs of buying a
house in the Netherlands

Thinking about buying a house in the Netherlands? Perhaps you’ve already used our online mortgage calculator to calculate your maximum Dutch mortgage. But you can’t buy a home with only a mortgage in the Netherlands. You also need savings to pay the purchasing costs and financing costs. How much money do you need to buy a house in the Netherlands?

When you’re buying a house in the Netherlands, you’ll have to pay purchasing costs and financing costs. Purchasing costs or closing costs are costs you make to purchase the house, such as fees for a real estate agent, transfer tax and the costs of the notary transfer deed. These costs are known as ‘kosten koper’ or ‘k.k.’

Buying a new-built house?
Please note that purchasing costs only apply to existing homes. If you buy a new build home, you don’t have to pay transfer tax or get a transfer deed. In Dutch this is called ‘vrij op naam’ or ‘v.o.n.’
In most cases you also don’t need to hire a real estate agent or get a technical building inspection.

Purchasing costs of buying a house
Financing costs of buying a home



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