Annuities mortgage & Linear mortgage

2 kinds of mortgages

Since 2013 the only kinds of mortgages that are eligible for the interest tax deduction are annuities and linear mortgage models, whereby the loan is repaid within 30 years via monthly repayments.

Annuities mortgage

In the early years of an annuities mortgage, your monthly payments are largely made up of interest and a small part loan repayment. Over time, as you gradually decrease your debt, the amount of interest you pay also decreases. Towards the end of the mortgage period, the balance reverses meaning you pay lower interest payments and higher loan repayments. In the early years of the mortgage period, the annuities mortgage usually has lower monthly payments than a linear mortgage.

Linear mortgage

With a linear mortgage you repay a fixed amount every month, plus the interest. Your debt is reduced every month, which also reduces the interest. A linear mortgage is useful when you want to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible, although initial repayments are relatively high.



This stands for ‘Kosten Koper’. Costs have to be paid by the buyer.

vrij op naam

Costs will be paid by the seller.

Almost everytime properties are sold with k.k. But what are these costs?


Transfer tax is 2% of the buying price of the property itself. This means that if you also pay an amount for things which are left behind in the house like curtains etc. you don’t pay transfer tax over this amount.

**Civil-law Notary

The notary is needed to register the sale of the house and the mortgage. You’ll need a notary to legally transfer the property to your name and register it at the land registry.Costs are negotiable but will still vary between € 1000 and € 2000.


If a mortgage is needed to buy the property the bank requires a valuation report showing the real value of the property. Costs vary most of the times between € 500 and € 1,000.

** Financial

If you hire the services of a mortgage advisor you will pay a fee to the advisor. we charge a all-inclusive fixed fee.

**National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG)

NHG is a protection against residual debt if you can’t pay your mortgage due to unemployment, divorce or the inability to work. It will cost you 0.9% of the mortgage amount. You will earn your money quickly back because lenders offer lower interest rates if you make use of this protection. NHG is only available for mortgages that are less than 290,000 euros (2019)

Bank Guarantee 

You’ll need to provide the seller with a 10% deposit once you’ve signed the purchase agreement. If you can’t provide a 10% deposit, you’ll need to get a bank guarantee for that amount. You can expect the bank guarantee to cost you about 1% of the amount of the guarantee.


These costs are tax deductible and part of the buyer costs (k.k)

The costs below only apply if you decide to use these extra services.


A real estate broker is not always involved in the transaction, but since not everybody knows how to sell the property and at what price most of the time there is a real estate broker present. Costs vary between 1.5% and 2.0% of the price of the property.

Structural Survey

Before you buy a property, you can get it checked by a surveyor. With a structural survey you can inspecting your home and you understand if there are any problems before you buy. This will cost between 300 – 1000 euros. Paying for a good survey could save you money on repairs in the long run.

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